Subj: Consecration To One's Guardian-Guiding Angel
Date: 6/29/99 12:22:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Wjpbr
BCC: Gloria1147

Consecration To One's Guardian-Guiding Angel
From the book
Angels: From Body-Guards to Spirit-Directors
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By: Fr. Thomas Francis, O.C.S.O.

Consecration To One's Guardian-Guiding Angel

Holy Guardian, Guiding Angel, you have been given to me from the beginning of my life as my Companion and Guide.

I desire to consecrate myself to you, in the presence of God Triune, my Heavenly Mother Mary, and all the other Angels and Saints.

I wish to consciously unite myself closely to you all through the rest of my life on earth and be with you for eternity in heaven.

In this union I promise always to be loyal and obedient to my God, mediated to me through Jesus and Mary and the Church.

I promise always to acknowledge Mary as our Queen and my Mother, and to imitate Her way of life of Faith in Love.

I promise to acknowledge You always as my Guiding Angel, and to promote, when opportunity presents itself, the awareness of Angels among my fellow human beings.

You give us special help, guidance, and protection in these times of dangers and confusion.

You help us discern what is the "Will" of God, and then give us aid to carry out that Divine Will.

I ask You, Holy Angel of God.

Obtain for me a Love so strong that I may always feel its Flame in my heart, Loving ALL persons with whom I come in contact, even trying to influence them to be aware of their Guiding Angel.

Grant me a grace so firm that I may not falter in Faith, but may even sustain others to persevere in the Truths taught by the Holy Catholic Church.

Finally, I ask You, Dear Angel, to assist me in the assaults of the enemy upon my life and Faith.

With Your Guidance may I persevere to the end, and be led by You into our heavenly Home.


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